How to Easily Add Study Space with A Kid's Loft Bed with Desk

It’s important for kids to academically succeed, and it’s crucial that we as parents support this at home. One of the best ways to support your child’s academic future at home is to implement a study space within your home.

However, tons of families simply don’t have the space to create a separate study room in their home, so the kitchen table becomes the go-to study spot. But the kitchen table is for eating.. Right? Plus, interactions and frequent interruptions could possibly hinder your child from completing their homework or studying as it could lead to more distractions.

A very simple way to encourage your children to study is to add a desk to their room. However, this can sometimes be challenging when space is limited in your kid’s bedroom.

The solution? Add a kid's loft bed with a desk!

Adding a desk to your child’s room encourages studying and academic growth, increases organization, and lessens distractions. We have handpicked some of our best kid’s loft beds with desks.

Here are our top 5 best selling kids’ beds with desks that help encourage studying and organization, as well as complement any boy’s or girl’s room:

1. The Lakehouse Loft Bed with Desk in Stone

Desk loft beds for kids help integrate study space in an easy way while maximizing space in your child's bedroom. 

Beautifully crafted of solid hardwood with steel hardware connections throughout, our Lakehouse Loft Bed is designed for complete durability and style in mind. The full size upper bed is spacious and comfortable while the underbed area features a modular dresser/chest end with integrated shelving and a full length desk to create a grand workstation.

Lakehouse Loft Bed with Desk Full Size Stone | 27042 | NE2045-Desk

Lakehouse Loft Bed with Desk Full Size Stone | NE Kids | NE2045-Desk

Shop the loft bed with desk here:

Also available in white! Shop here:

Lakehouse Loft Bed with Desk White | NE Kids | NE1040-Desk

2. The Maxtrix PERFECT Storage Low Loft Bed with Stairs and Desk — in Full-Size White

This loft bed with a desk and stairs is the ultimate kid's bed to accommodate your growing child and their studious needs. It delivers study space and organization space. This kid's loft bed is constructed of solid hardwood and is available in three beautiful finishes— Chestnut, White, and Natural. In addition, this kid's bed is well adjusted to accommodate your growing child in order to cater to safe sleeping, playtime, studying, sleepovers, and even teen rooms. The safe stairway entry with handrails also features 3 drawers  ultimate storage bed for kids.

Shop this loft bed with stairs and desk here:

Maxtrix PERFECT Storage Low Loft Bed with Stairs & Desk Full Size White | Maxtrix Furniture | MX-PERFECT2L-WX

3. The Maxtrix GIANT High Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase — in Full-Size White

One of our best selling loft beds with a desk is the sturdy Maxtrix High Loft Bed. This loft bed for kids features stairs, a bookshelf, and a desk to fully accommodate your child of any age. At Kid's Furniture Warehouse, we believe you should only have to buy kids furniture once! Unlike other loft beds, this loft bed with a desk can be converted to a conventional twin or full bed by removing the legs, ladder, and guardrail.

Shop this loft bed with a desk here:

Maxtrix GIANT High Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase Full Size White | Maxtrix Furniture | MX-GIANTX-WX

4. Allen House Study Loft Bed with Stairs — in Full-Size Weathered Dark Gray

This space-saving full size loft bed with a desk incorporates study space for your kid's room. It also helps improve organization with the addition of a five-drawer chest with built-in shelving and a sturdy staircase with four large drawers. The staircase features a extra-deep rolling toy box drawer on the bottom which is perfect for your child’s favorite things and study items. 

This loft bed with a desk specifically focuses on functionality and sturdiness with its rock-solid durability, making this loft bed for kids a hands-down favorite.

Shop this loft bed with a desk here:

5. Timber Creek Full Size Loft Bed with Desk in Chocolate

This loft bed with a desk offers a more simple design than the products previously listed, but don't let that fool you! This sturdy kid's bed offers premium quality construction and rock-solid sturdiness, making this one of the best loft beds for kids available today. The full-length loft bed desk can also be removed at any time.

Timber Creek Full Size Loft Bed with Desk Chocolate | Night and Day Furniture | TCFLOFT-CLT-CL

Shop this loft bed with a desk here:

If you DO have space in your kid's room to add a stand-alone desk, check out some of our top favorites and best-selling kid's desks:

1. Acadia Desk

Acadia Desk | Discovery World | DWF2867

Shop the Acadia kid's desk here:

2. The Everglades Student Desk in Driftwood

Everglades Student Desk Driftwood | 26979 | NE10540Everglades Student Desk Driftwood | NE Kids Furniture | NE10540

Inspired by American industrialization, a time when things were built with great care and intended to last for generations, the Everglades Collection items feature clean lines, substantial posts, extra deep drawers and a beautiful Driftwood finish enhanced by the DURA-Brush finishing process. Bench built with excellent quality craftsmanship and from 100% solid pine, the Everglades Collection items transition easily into any décor, able to take on a feature roll or act as the perfect backdrop.

Shop the Everglades Student Desk in Driftwood here:

3. The Westport Gray Desk

Shop it here:

4. The Exquisite Desk

This traditional desk for kids features a luminous white finish with beautifully turned detailing, making it perfect for any little girl's or boy's room. The satin nickel color hardware adorns this kid's desk. Create the perfect fairytale bedroom for your child with the elegant design of the exquisite youth bedroom collection.

Exquisite Desk | Ashley Furniture | ASB188-22

Shop it here:

Adding a bed with a desk to your kid's room is the easiest way to integrate study space to a limited space bedroom, as well as encourage your children to study. Above is our list of the best loft beds for kids at Kid's Furniture Warehouse. Shop Kid's Furniture Warehouse for more of the best kid's loft beds with desks! View our full collection of Lofts Beds with Desk here.

You can choose to shop for kid's furniture online, or if you are in the Florida area, visit our Orlando storefronts. 

Dec 6th 2018 Kid's Furniture Warehouse

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