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The Perfect Bedroom Set For Your Little Girl

Posted by Kids Furniture Warehouse on

Is your little girl ready for a bedroom upgrade? 

They grow up so fast and sometimes it feels like a blink of the eye. Little girls becoming more independent, more fashion-forward, and wanting to create a look that is all their own. 

At Kids Furniture Warehouse, we have the perfect bedroom set for your girl's room. 

From Ashley Furniture, we present the Zayley collection. A complete bedroom set with all the pieces you will need in a coordinating style and color. 

Any balanced bedroom should be anchored around the bed. So we suggest starting with the Zayley Bookcase Storage Bed Full Size.

Zayley Bookcase Storage Bed

Zayley Bookcase Storage Bed

The Zayley collection offers contemporary style along with great storage and personalization options for a girl's bedroom. The bright white finish of the Zayley bedroom collection complements decorative "egg and dart" shape lattice accents Nine interchangeable color panel options for the color blocks behind the lattice work on top drawers and beds let your daughter add her own personal flair to her bedroom décor. The unique Zayley Bookcase Storage Bed features 2 large storage drawers located inside the footboard. Doors on the footboard of the bookcase bed slide to reveal cubbies or conceal drawers. A small sliding door on the bookcase headboard also reveals more storage space. Vibrant color panel choices allow for creativity and let you customize to create a look that is so unique! The Zayley bookcase bed is the perfect choice to transform your child's room into a colorful space she can call her own.

Next we suggest these adorable nightstands to accompany the bed. 

Zayley Nightstand

Product Features:

Bright white finish
Nine Interchangeable color panels in a glossy or matte finish with each door/drawer
2 large drawers.
Drawers feature side-mounted roller glides for smooth & safe drawer operation.
Lattice design accents may be removed if desired. One year manufacturer warranty.

And no girl's bed room is complete without her own dresser. Perfect for storing all her clothes with ample counter space for jewelry, picture frames, and knick-knacks. 

Zayley Dresser

Product Features:

Bright white finish
Nine Interchangeable color panels in a glossy or matte finish with each door/drawer
Six large drawers.
Drawers feature side-mounted roller glides for smooth & safe drawer operation.
Lattice design accents may be removed if desired.
Can use with optional Mirror
One year manufacturer warranty.

The Zayley collection offers even more pieces to complete the look and Kids Furniture Warehouse has so many girls and boys bedroom sets to choose from. Come visit us in one of our Florida showroom locations or shop online today!

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