Shop Discovery World Furniture Kids Captain's Beds And Save!

Shop Discovery World Furniture Kids Captain's Beds And Save!

Discovery World Furniture kids captain's beds is the perfect solution for space-saving and organization learning for your child. Captain's beds feature a stow away bed and hidden drawer creating more space for your child's room and a tidy and simple way to help your child learn the importance of organization and keeping a well-kept room. Kids Furniture Warehouse has an amazing selection of Discovery World captain's beds that will fit into any style or size bedroom. Shop these Discovery …
Apr 11th 2022 Kids Furniture Warehouse
Twin Size Captain's Beds For Under $500

Twin Size Captain's Beds For Under $500

Captain's beds have been one of the most versatile and space saving bed options for decades. With built-in storage functions, they are a perfect addition to any child's room. Captain's beds help with organization learning, save on costly extra furniture pieces, and allow more room for your child to play, study, and grow their imagination in their room. Kids Furniture Warehouse has an incredible collection of kids twin captain's beds in an array of colors, styles, and layouts. Shop Thes …
Sep 23rd 2020 Kids Furniture Warehouse

The Best Kids’ Captain's Beds With Storage For Spring Cleaning

Are you ready to spring clean? A captain's bed with built in storage can help.Spring time is here, and for many that means cleaning the house and getting rid of unneeded items that are just making clutter. Our kid's rooms are the biggest culprits when it comes to untidiness and mess and a captain's bed with built in storage units can help not only with cleanliness, but also with organizational skills and learning responsibilities. Captain's beds help store your child’s clothes, toys, books, …
Apr 3rd 2019 Kids Furniture Warehouse

Why a Space-Saving Bed is a Family Must-Have

Keeping your family’s home clean and tidy is an ongoing chore that can be as painstaking as it is frustrating. And as your family grows, your space doesn’t always follow suit. Saving space in your child’s room offers endless benefits for kids, not to mention helping keep you sane. At Kids Furniture Warehouse, we have the best selection of space-saving beds that serve multi-function use while keeping design and aesthetic at the forefront.3 Benefits of Space-Saving Beds for Kids’ Rooms 1 …
Sep 19th 2018 Kids Furniture Warehouse